Our Dual Language Program

Spanish Dual Language Immersion Program at Grand View Blvd ES

Definition:  It is an additive bilingual program, meaning that all students learn a second language without comprising their first.  No prior Spanish or English language skills required.

90/10 model: Student begin academic instruction in Spanish, with increasing amounts of English added each year until 4th grade and 5th grade, when day is approximately 50% in English and 50% in Spanish.  By 5th grade students will demonstrate academic proficiency in both languages.

Goals of program: Ability to think, speak, read, and write fluently in two languages.
Academic achievement at or above grade level in both languages. Development of positive cross-cultural relationships.

Benefits: Empowers students to achieve the highest academic, social and linguistic skills to give them advantages now and for future success. Learning a second language stimulates the brain to develop higher level reasoning skills which transfer to complex critical thinking in math, science, and language arts.  An opportunity to interact and develop a greater understanding and appreciation for other cultures.

For more information on the web about Dual Language Programs:

•       FAQs about Two-Way Immersion

The Center for Applied Linguistics offers frequently asked questions about Two-Way Immersion (also known as Dual Language Immersion).


•       Dual Language Research Bibliography

The Center for Applied Linguistics has compiled a bibliography of research on various elements of dual language immersion, including testing, reading, language acquisition, special education, and social integration.


•       California Association for Bilingual Education

CABE is California’s leading advocacy and research group in support of bilingual education. It is a professional organization open to teachers, parents, administrators, and support staff.


•       Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition

CARLA, housed at the University of Minnesota, produces a lot of research on students learning a second language, including both majority and minority languages.


•       Grand View Blvd. Elementary Dual Language Program

A 90/10, Spanish/English, Two-Way Immersion Program that is very unique and highly effective – the ONLY immersion program of its kind in all of LAUSD.  Permits are available to students outside the local district who wish to apply to this program.


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