We are a group of parents and teachers, interested in promoting and supporting our Dual Language program at Grand View Elementary.

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  1. Sandy Mayer

    My husband and I have a four-year-old daughter and are interested in the dual language program. Is there an orientation that we can attend, or can we set up time to visit the school?

    Thank you.

    Sandy Mayer

  2. veronica Hankey

    call the school @ 310 390 3618
    They are always enrolling through out the year, if not they will take your name for next year. If your daughter turned 4 before Dec. 2, she can be enrolled in Pre-k right now, if not she can start in Sept. The dual language for pre-k is usually in the mornings. One of the teachers is Victoria Castillo. You can leave a message for her.

  3. Sara Telona

    Thank you for your interest in our school. There will be a Dual Language Orientation this Thursday, March 18th, 2010, at 8:30 AM in the Auditorium. We will answer all your questions and you will tour the Dual Language classrooms.

    Please come and bring your friends who may be interested in our program. We look forward to seeing you!

    Ms. Sara Telona
    Dual Language Lead Teacher

  4. Stefani Alonso

    I was wondering if you have a link to the school from this website? I am happy to see the website looking up to date. I also wanted to know if we, parents of GV have pics from the school events, may we post them here, as well.
    Thanks for making this lovely website!

  5. Christy Skura

    Hi, I just found out about your dual language immersion program. I am interested in enrolling my son in the kindergarten program this fall. I see that I missed the orientation in March. Are you still accepting applications for the fall?

    • melissadavisfood

      Hi Christy
      We are still accepting applications.
      We are also having a community open house on Wednesday, April 21, from 8:30am to 9:30am. The principal will be doing a quick overview of our school, answer any questions, and give a walking tour of our campus and classrooms. We encourage you to join us. As always, coffee and pastries will be provided:)
      If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to call our main office at (310) 390-3618

  6. Sarai

    My name is Sarai, female, (25years old), from Mexico, English is my second language, degree in Law in (UANL, Monterrey, Mexico) and I currently live in Santa Monica, with a Host Family, just starting my second year as an Au Pair. I spent my first year in New Jersey.
    I have a visa J-1 (student) but I would love to teach Spanish…and I’m looking for options to stay the next year in the US and change my status to a work visa? hopefully teaching Spanish or Translating Documents, but I’m not sure what i need to do, If there’s any info you could give me, I would really appreciate it.. How do i get a certifcate to teach Spanish since I’m not a certified teacher but is my native language.
    Thanks for your advice.

    Best Regards.

  7. Theresa S Moultrie

    Hi My name is Theresa Moultrie. don’t see any recent information regarding your dual program. I am a mother of twin boys age 2, I know it is early but does your program still teach spanish to english speaking children want themhy to be in a program that teaches spanish and your school was referred. I live less the 7 miles from your school, but am not in your school district. We also have an year old that we would be interested in putting him in the program this fall.

    Please Advise

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